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Passion for Britannia

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Passion for Britannia presentation - 1 Close up of Passion for Britannia table with bunting The Britannia presentation table Passion for Britannia Chocolate Fountain Union Jack Napkins close-up


Passion for Britannia Chocolate Fountain Presentation

The basis of the package includes all the following items:

  • Large-size Chocolate Fountain
  • UNLIMITED Chocolate (Cadbury, Belgian, French, Swiss, Vegan...)
  • Supply EIGHT (8) accompaniment dips.
  • UNLIMITED Dip replenishment throughout your function
  • UNLIMITED supply of Union Jack printed napkins.
  • UNLIMITED supply of skewers.
  • UNLIMITED supply of Chocolate Fountain plates.
  • Experienced Chocolatiers to set-up, run and Professionally manage the fountain throughout the entire function.
  • Dedicated Chocolate Fountain table.
  • Cream coloured table skirting with Union Jack bunting
  • Cream coloured backdrop with Union Jack Flag bunting
  • Large, cut-glass elegant dips bowls - your choice and selection.
  • Bins, bin liners etc., for used skewers and napkins - a turn-key package.
  • 2 side framing wings (9' tall Union Jack Flags) for setting the British ambience and mood for the party; great photo-opportunities.
  • 3 hour (the legal maximum amount of time permitted) service.
  • At the end of the event/function to dismantle the fountain and equipment and leave the venue neat and tidy - infact in most instances cleaner and spotless from when we started!

items for your party with every booking:

    • 100 Union Jack Party Poppers
    • 36 Union Jack Party Blowers
    • 36 Union Jack Waving Flags (15 x 22cm approx)


If you require more Union Jack Party items, we can supply them at the following price:

Union Jack Party Poppers - pack 20 for £2.04
Union Jack Party Blowers - pack of 12 for £1.10
Union Jack Waving Flags - pack of 12 for £2.72

Postage will be added at cost, depending on quantity order.

PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Hygiene reasons only (communicable diseases), we DO NOT place our dips around the Chocolate Fountain - as a result we do not use illuminated Perspex Chocolate Fountain surrounds in any of our presentations.

The Union Jack items come free with the presentation, if you do not wish to have them, unfortunately there is no reduction in price of the presentation.



For times when a sense of British-ness or being patriotic is required - this is the ideal presentation; garden parties, Awards nights, Weddings, Military Balls and bashes and many more other types of parties.

The 9' tall Union Jack flags are tall and impressive; they always have guests saying, "wow!"

An ideal presentation and backdrop setting for having group or individual photos taken.


Pride in being British
Attention to detail


Not only does this spectacular presentation use different size Union Jack flags, but Waving Flags, Party poppers and Union Jack Party Blowers are supplied FREE OF CHARGE - all to create the right party atmosphere.

We will even supply for your guests Union Jack patterned napkins/serviettes!


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