Hire a Chocolate Fountain





Naked Passion

The basis of the package includes all the following items:

  • ONE Medium or Large-size Chocolate Fountain
  • Up to 15 kg of Chocolate.
  • ONLY Marshmallow accompaniment dips.
  • UNLIMITED supply of napkins.
  • UNLIMITED supply of skewers.
  • UNLIMITED supply of Chocolate Fountain plates.
  • Experienced Chocolatiers to set-up, run and Professionally manage the fountain throughout the entire function.
  • Large, cut-glass elegant dips bowls
  • Up to 2 hours service.
  • At the end of the event/function to dismantle the fountain and equipment and leave the venue neat and tidy - infact in most instances cleaner and spotless from when we started!
  • Up to one hours driving distance from Kenilworth, Warwickshire


About this presentation

This is our first 'entry level' Chocolate Fountain presentation.

With this package it gives the organizer the freedom and ability to select and purchase the dips they require - thus controlling the dipping item purchasing budget.

This option is great for those with, for example, food allergy preferences or even Religious criteria (halal, Kosher, vegetarian, vegan and so forth).



PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Hygiene reasons only (communicable diseases), we DO NOT place our dips around the Chocolate Fountain - as a result we do not use illuminated Perspex Chocolate Fountain surrounds in any of our presentations.

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