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  Day Two - Chris Tabor
    Chris Tabor - Chocolatier
Chocolatier Chris Tabor

The theme was "Hollywood".

Let's see what we can do!

My day started at 8:00am with filming down at our local (and very good Butchers) in Kenilworth.

Becks Butchers - image one



Becks Butchers of Kenilworth   Film crew at becks Butchers Kenilworth



Unfortunately this section never saw the light of day and stayed on the cutting-room floor. Sorry Graham (my Butcher)

Returning just after 9:00am, the cooking got under way. Just like making Movies at Pinewood Studios, the filming was out-of-sequence and would be edited later into the right order.

    Camera crew getting ready in the kitchen   Filming Come Dine With Me starts

The programme is all about interaction, conflict, arguments and disasters. Is it not? Yes, I did have a disaster!

I have cooked profiteroles with great success for many years- but do you think I can do it infront of a camera just three feet away (not to mention sound guy, Researcher, Director and others!) On collecting my thoughts and having a second 'go' - Phew! They turned out just right!

    Getting the table ready  

Cooking started as soon as we got back from the Butchers and went on to approximately 4:00pm. It's not that I am a slow cook - it's the stopping and starting and refilming things from different angles.

The Vodka Luge I originally had ordered was of the logo 007 - for the James Bond theme. However I managed to change it to an Oscar statutue. The James Bond Cardboard cutouts I had to 'dress-up'


with fearther Boas to disguise their hand guns! The James Bond Silhoeutte I placed a trilby hat on each, again to soften the features.

In the back garden - which unfortunately was not shown on the TV, I rigged up two large cream theatrical drapes (approx 8' high by 7' wide x 2), placed multiple fire projectors up onto the drapes and placed in front of the drapes two cardboard cutouts to give a Hollywood backdrop to the garden. I placed an 'old fashioned-looking' (Elvis-type) microphone and stand infront of the drapes - the acceptance speech idea.

  Oscar - Vodka Luge

The day before, I spent most of the evening making 'Star' place-setting name tags for each guest as well as large Hollywood-style (aka Hollywood Boulevard) walk-of-stars name plates for the red carpet I placed up to the front door (below)

    Red Carpet close-up   The Red Carpet for Come Dine With Me
    Chris on Red Carpet   Chris and Soundman Martin
    Hollywood Sign  

To add to the ambience of the setting, I made a Welcome To Hollywood sign placed it just out side the front door at the end of the red carpet.

I also made a sign post for the front garden - with directions to "Hollywood Boulevard", "Sunset Strip", "Rodeo Drive" !

Well, the evening came quick enough. Breaking-the-ice on the first night is tough, but second night can be tougher as you have discussed quite a bit on the first night and already know a fair bit about each other.
  Sky TV - Dat Two listing
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Most of the evenings finished at approximately 2:00-3:00 am. No not a typo, this is television and things always don't go smoothly or are done fast!

Mine finished at 3:00am

Each evening before we went home one taxi would turn up. Each in turn would enter the taxi to give our comments and the all-important score. When you see the programme, there looks like there is so much room in th taxi. Looks are deceiving! It is cramped.

    Cramped taxi with camera equipment   Hugh the Cameraman
Hugh The Cameraman
    Martin the soundman
Martin the soundman
  Mel the Director
Mel the Director
    REALLY cramped taxi - four peole and equipment
and the taxi is off...

The scores aren't revealed until the last night - and even then we only know the full score and not individual scores.

How did they score me:

Jo - 9
Michelle - 8
Annie-rose - 7
Tony - 3

The night before, Tony had given Annie-rose a score of "6" for her 'Sausage evening' (sausage starters, main and sausage trifle for dessert).

If this wasn't tactical voting, I don't know what is! Even I scored him higher on 'his' night!





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