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  Day One - Annie-Rose Crone
    Annie-rose Crone
Annie-Rose Crone

The theme was 'Pretty in Pink".

What do you wear to a dinner party with that theme and to meet the host for the first time? I played it safe: Pink shirt, pink jumper and pink socks!

Pretty in Pink

Thank goodness for TV editing! This programme is HEAVILY edited to 'get what they want'. I must be honest and say, I did feel like a fish out of water at this party. Everyone (except me) was jostling for prime-time shots, making comments and trying to 'come-over good'!


Annie-rose is gorgeous. She has a lovely temperament and personality. An aspiring glamour model her evening was lovely. Her choice of food however, was not!

She will always be remembered as The Sausage Lady. Starters, Main meal and Dessert consisted of sausages. yep. Sausages in all three menus.

    Annie Rose SKY TV screen shot - small
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Annie-rose's party was lively - for two major reasons: Annie-rose is sucha bubbly character and secondly the only drink she had was Vodka and Lemonade! We all got rather tipsy fast!

Thank goodness they edited-out the sequence of Jo getting drunk and then falling off her chair or the shots Annie-Rose sat on my knee and tried to feed sausages to me!




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