Hire a Chocolate Fountain






Cocktail Passion

The basis of this presentation include all the following items

  • Professional and discreet service. Personal service provided by a Professional Chocolatier
  • ONE Medium or Large-size Chocolate Fountain
  • UNLIMITED Chocolate (French, Belgian, Swiss or a sophisticated blend).
  • Eight (8) accompaniment dips.
  • UNLIMITED supply of elegant black napkins
  • UNLIMITED supply of skewers.
  • White ceramic Chocolate Fountain plates
  • Silver Chocolate Fountain teaspoons served on a silver tray.
  • Experienced Chocolatiers to set-up, run and Professionally manage the fountain throughout the entire Cocktail Party .
  • Large, cut-glass elegant dips bowls on a black draped table (4', 6' or 8' table length).
  • Table decoration to suit.
  • Elegant black draped backdrop.
  • Bins and bin liners.
  • Up to 3 hours service.
  • At the end of the Cocktail Party, dismantle the fountain and equipment and leave the venue neat and tidy.
  • Maximum 75 guests.


About this presentation

As a Professional Chocolate Fountain company, we attend many Cocktail and reception parties around the country ranging from small intimate parties through to grand and lavish Corporate and VIP (celebrity) functions.

This presentation is very elegant, very Black (or white) tie in ambience, feel and mood. From product launches to Film Premieres through to sophisticated gatherings, this is presentation is literally unrivalled in the UK.

Please note, the Chocolate we prepare for your party will be of the highest quality; be it from Single origin, Premier Cru or even a blend of subtle, aromatic Criolla beans. Our 'day job' is Chocolate. We can obtain almost any chocolate you wish to suit your guest list from inexpensive through to the outrageously expensive!



PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Hygiene reasons only, we DO NOT place our dips around the Chocolate Fountain - as a result we do not use illuminated Perspex Chocolate Fountain surrounds in any of our presentations.

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