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Single Passion

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The basis of the presentation include all the following items:

  • ONE Medium or Large-size Chocolate Fountain
  • Choice of Professional Backdrops
  • UNLIMITED Chocolate
  • Supply EIGHT (8) accompaniment dips.
  • UNLIMITED Dip replenishment throughout your function
  • UNLIMITED supply of napkins.
  • UNLIMITED supply of skewers.
  • UNLIMITED supply of Chocolate Fountain plates.
  • Experienced Chocolatiers to set-up, run and Professionally manage the fountain throughout the entire function.
  • Dedicated Chocolate Fountain table and table linen.
  • Chocolate Fountain table skirting of your choice.
  • Dedicated (separate) dips table.
  • Large, cut-glass elegant dips bowls - your choice and selection.
  • Elegant and beautiful table decoration (in keeping with your function).
  • Bins, bin liners etc., for used skewers and napkins - a turn-key package.
  • 2 side framing wings (drapes) for fountain aesthetics and for great photo-opportunities.
  • 3 hour (the legal maximum amount of time permitted) service.
  • At the end of the event/function to dismantle the fountain and equipment and leave the venue neat and tidy - infact in most instances cleaner and spotless from when we started!


About this presentation

Also known as our 'Optical Illusion' presentation, this is one of our most popular and sought after packages. It combines, glitziness, star-cloths and something different when compared to other conventional Chocolate Fountain companies.

With this presentation, we start with the star cloth backdrop and side drapes as the basis. From talking with you, we then start 'adding' theming items or props (all free of charge) to the presentation - from Glitter Balls, Haze machine (venue dependent), red carpet, palm tree, mini 'Oscars' and so forth - items that fit in with YOUR overall ideas, plans and theme to the party. It is not obligatory to have these items, they are there for you to embellish the presentation if you so desire!



PLEASE NOTE: For Health and Hygiene reasons only (communicable diseases), we DO NOT place our dips around the Chocolate Fountain - as a result we do not use illuminated Perspex Chocolate Fountain surrounds in any of our presentations.




Unlike a great many Chocolate Fountain companies, WE do NOT have a 'set way' of presenting our Chocolate Fountains.

Each party, event or function we present at are very different; different feel, different mood and/or have different requirements.

The decoration, staging and presentation starts with asking YOU questions about how YOU want us to be - NOT the other way round!



We love to create effects that take guests' breath away! This rig, with a prolific use of Professional (not Disco) star cloths, under the right lighting conditions creates an optical illusion; the Chocolate Fountain floating in mid-space!

Our SINGLE PASSION presentation consists of ONE spectacular Chocolate Fountain.

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