Hire a Chocolate Fountain


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Ball - Oxford Law Society

The Chocolate Fountain was placed in a side room just off the main dining area at The Randolph Hotel in Oxford. The room was very large - and only for us. Guests would enter from the far end and receive a spactucular vista of the Chocolate Fountain as they walked in. As the ball was an elegant but 'glitzy' affair, we draped the far wall completed (edge to edge) in star cloths. This set an 'infinity' perspective to the room. We used two sets of lighting to create different moods for different parts of the evening. The first part of the evening was the welcoming reception (canapes, champagne...). For this we used subtle but elegant colours (golds, yellows and so on).

The latter part of the evening was set for dancing (disco). Guests would wander into the Chocolate Fountain room to indulge in our chocolate, but the mood had to mimic what was (to a point) happening on the dance floor. At this stage we used a totally different lighting strategy: more vibrant colours (reds, purples, greens). The Chocolate room was not a refuge or a chill-out room, but ' a part' of the overall event and everything had to be in keeping.

With ALL our presentations, YOUR aims and goals, the size/dimensions of the room and the number of guests invited plays a huge part in the size and type of rig/presentation we put on.


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