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The brief was: to look stunning, simple, a hint of show-biz glitz but in additon, to mimic the room's colour scheme for the wedding breakfast and then evening reception. 50 guests were invited for the wedding reception with an additional 100 for the evening party. The evening consisted of a 'rock 'n' roll' band and a lively DJ.

For the afternoon reception we used very subtle and subdued colours. Simple white/cream drapes with just two projectors high-lighting the bride's colour scheme.

For the evening reception, the colours changed to be bold, dynamic and vibrant - to complement the band and disco. The room was relatively small. We used one of our smallest rigs (3m starcloth, two 2m drapes) as the band and DJ were no more than 30 feet away from us. Lighting was critical. Not too much to over-shadow the band, and not too little to be a shrinking-violet! Two different parts of the day with two different moods to satisfy and create.

With ALL our presentations, YOUR aims and goals, the size/dimensions of the room and the number of guests invited plays a huge part in the size and type of rig/presentation we put on.


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