Hire a Chocolate Fountain


Single Passion


Oxford University Freshers Ball.

Lively, colourful, spacious and simple was the brief for this function. With over 400 first year students attending, we strived to create not just a spectacular Chocolate Fountain centre-piece, but to compliment the vivacious (and loud) band opposite us on the stage. Subtleties was not the order of the day for this presentation!

Although we are not a disco, we did use a sophisticated chase lighting system to create movement and activity on our set. This presentation took an area of approximately 25' x 9'. Big enough yet small enough to not look out of place with such a large number of guests. The Hall/dance floor was large. Any smaller 'rig' would have looked insignificant and rather out-of-place.

With ALL our presentations, YOUR aims and goals, the size/dimensions of the room and the number of guests invited plays a huge part in the size and type of rig/presentation we put on. We do not wish to be over-powering nor on the opposite side, too pathetic as to 'look like nothing!'


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