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This presentation since we launched it, has been causing a stir around the UK. Our 'optical illusion' presentation: The Single Passion is different enough when compared to other Chocolate Fountain company's presentations, but this one blows peoples' minds when they see it 'in the flesh'.

Red and yellow flames leap up the side of the Chocolate Fountain table. The side drapes look as if they are on fire. The ceiling a light with flames finishes the scene - spectacular, vibrant, amazing - a real 'jaw-dropping' production.

The above presentation was photographed at Ettington Park Hotel in Warwickshire. From edge-to-edge, the whole presentation was approximately 22' wide. Because of the size of the room (the library) the dips table was placed at an angle to the Chocolate Fountain. The dips table was lit from above and had a star cloth backdrop to complete the presentation.


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