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Double Passion



Two Chocolate Flavours

Most people like a milk chocolate (who doesn't?). But how about something different? Why not have a Dark chocolate and White chocolate to satisfy two different tastes?

The Dark (plain) chocolate we blend is not as astringent (bitter) as most people think or have tried from other companies. So-called "experts" talk about 70% cocoa solids being the "only way to go". That's all well and good if you like that sort of percentage (and higher). Most people don't. They like the idea of a dark chocolate but not to be so astringent (bitter). There is, unfotunately a lot of misguided 'talk' and misconceptions regarding chocolate. OUR blend of chocolate is designed to be enjoyed. Our dark is defininitely not astringent so as to pukker your lips and leave a bitter taste in your mouth! With strawberries (in season of course), melon, grapes, Belgian profileroles (filled with cream) are 'to die for' with our dark chocolate.

White chocolate is another story. You either love white chocolate or you don't. We haven't really found anyone sitting on the fence with regard to the white stuff!



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