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Unlimited Chocolate


We at Passion for Chocolate are the ultimate Chocoholics!

We have the basic underlying premise that if we went to a function that had chocolate on offer... we would want to indulge and indulge and indulge in the gorgeous chocolate they had to offer! Unreasonable? I don't think so!

We treat YOUR function as OUR function. Most Chocolate Fountain companies will offer you 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg or even 20kg of Chocolate. Does this mean anything to you?

Ask yourself:

  • How many guests are coming to my function?
  • How many chocoholics will be attending?
  • How long will my guests be actually dipping into the chocolate?
  • How many of my guests like chocolate - in a big way?

There are a lot more questions to ask yourself along these lines. We'll leave that 'til later!

We never use Chocolate twice (that is, left over chocolate from one function used at the next) as some companies do in this industry. So we never know exactly how much chocolate we are going to get through at each event or function - even after almost a decade of serving Chocolate Fountains! We obviously have some idea, but not always an accurate idea. Some parties can surprise even us! As a direct result...

We GUARANTEE we will NEVER run out of chocolate at your event. Financially it is swings and round-abouts for us. Some we lose and some we gain. One thing that is certain, we will make sure YOU and your guests never lose out on chocolate!