Hire a Chocolate Fountain






Unlimited supply of

Napkins, Skewers and Chocolate Fountain Plates


Unless stated otherwise by you or by agreement, we will supply for your event an unlimited supply of napkins, wooden skewers and Chocolate Fountain plates.

At some events, organizers stipulate only "X" number of guests are to be served (a set amount in other words). This is usually calculated by the number of plates and sometimes by skewers put out on the table. However, for the vast majority of events and functions we attend, we bring literally thousands of napkins, skewers and plates in order not to run-out.

For health and hygiene purposes, we do not allow double dipping under any circumstance hence we do not limit the amount of wooden skewers guests use. One dip, One skewer is our rule!

We like to be environmentally friendly as the next person, however because of communicable diseases floating around these days, we draw the line at people using the same skewer twice!