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Professional Backdrops


As you may have gathered (or have read) one major thing that sets us apart from other Chocolate Fountains (in fact there are many...but on this page, we'll just discuss one...) that's our backdrops. We have invested literally thousands of pounds in various professional backdrops.

For weddings, corporate functions, parties, road shows, and a myriad of other types of functions we attend, from our stock room we are able to produce a backdrop to suit (almost) any occassion!

Why backdrops?

Most venues, as pretty or elegent as they might be, generally love to place the Chocolate Fountain in either a corner, in front of windows or against a very uninspiring wall. The spectacularness of the Chocolate Fountain is then lost. To overcome this, we commissioned a number of backdrops to be made. A Film and TV production company based in Lutterworth designed and made, for example our 'hi-tech' infinity star cloths. They are exactly the same design as seen in films such as Star Wars, Star Trek and various other (big budget) films.

"I am amazed at your set-up, it's more like a film set, very ingenious, super backdrops and lighting and the ever-present smell of lovely chocolate with splendid dips. I will tell my friends"

Jim Mason
RAF Benson
Officers' Mess Ball


We have a series of 'coloured' backdrops to accommodate almost any scenario. White, Cream, teal, red and so on and so forth. The most poular and most versatile are our cream and star cloths.

An artist uses canvas as his medium of expression. We use backdrops. We use lighting as an artist would use paints. Combine the two and we have a very powerful way to create a mood, an ambiance or a feeling.

If you have an idea or a suggestion of how you would like your Chocolate Fountain to be staged, then talk to us - there is a very good chance we can make your idea or suggestion come to life!

Themed Functions

We attend literally dozens of James Bond ( or 007) evenings, Oscar Nights, Hollywood Balls and so on and so forth. We have a warehouse of props and items we use for such events.


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