Hire a Chocolate Fountain






Dedicated Chocolate Fountain table
and table linen


Passion for Chocolate is a turn-key company. We arrive with everything we need (except electricity!) The vast majority of Chocolate Fountain companies in the UK today use the venue's facilities which includes their tables, table cloths etc. This can be very much a hit and miss affair. As a Professional company, WE like to be fully prepared - this includes carrying and using our own for example (heavy) Chocolate Fountain table.


We carry a large variety of table linen, not only for our dips table, but also for the Chocolate Fountain table itself. If you have a particular colour scheme that you wish us to carry through to the Chocolate Fountain table - we can.

For exhibitions, road shows, seminars and so forth, tying-in the corporate's company colours always looks good and gives the impression that we are part of the company, not just Passion for Chocolate working for the Company. Subtle, but it can make a difference.

Jobs and Training's corporate colours (photograph above) are red and yellow. We carried those colours through to the table cloth and surround around the Chooclate Fountain itself.