Hire a Chocolate Fountain







Attended Chocolate Fountain


At ALL the functions we attend, be it a wedding, coporate event, anniversary party or even a birthday party, we ALWAYS not only attend the function in person, but stand beside the Chocolate Fountain throughout the duration of the function.


For the health and hygiene safety of you and your guests we would never entertain the thought of dry-hire. That is, deliver the Chocolate Fountain to your event, set it up and then leave. By the word 'leave', we mean; we do not leave the premises, we do not 'go to the bar for a few drinks' nor sit to one side (or behind) the Choicolate Fountain and 'let your guests get on with it!'

Most people have never seen let alone used a Chocolate Fountain. By attending to the fountain throughout your function, we can show your guests how to use the fountain 'properly' and how to gain the most fun and enjoyment from it. We like to help and guide people by interacting with them, thus creating a fantastic and unforgettable experience.

Some venues have banned Chocolate Fountains out-right because of the resulting mess on the tables, floor and over guests. By us attending the fountain continuously, we GUARANTEE there will never be a mess (of chocolate) on our tables, on the immediate floor area or down you or your guests. We have developed an implemented techniques to avoid this!