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Team work

Passion for Chocolate is passionately run by Christine and Chris Tabor - yes, Chris and Chris!

It can be very confusing at times when someone in the office calls, "Chris, there's a phone call for you" and both turn round looking expectantly at each as if to say, "is it for you or for me?"

With both Chris and Chris hailing from catering and organizing families, it seemed only natural that one day their talents for organizing events, parties and catering extravaganzas would lead them to having their own Chocolate Fountain company. Passion for Chocolate is the result in 2003/4.

If you hire a Chocolate Fountain from them, they GUARANTEE you will be bowled over by not only the "WOW" factor of the fountain, but also by their staging, friendliness and sheer efficiency and professionalism in running the chocolate fountain part of your event. Their sole goal is make your event the most enjoyable, most memorable and simply the best event you have ever had!

Based in Kenilworth, Warwickshire they cover the West Midlands, East Midlands, Wales and southern England and as far north as Manchester/Liverpool. For events further north, contact Chris or Chris and they can recommend someone in that part of the world.

In their travels they have made many new friends in 'the business'. This has lead to a greater professional outlook in their own business - not over-stretching themselves just for the sake of saying, 'yes' to a client. It has given them also the chance to observe how others operate in this field. Emulate the good, eliminate the bad and introduce new features that make a Chocolate Fountain event something special.

Chocolate Fountains are great fun, enjoyable and extremely exciting. We sincerely hope you have as much fun and satisfaction from your event as hundreds and hundreds of people have had with their Chocolate Fountain events.

Call us today on 0845 23300 337 and find out why we are called Passion For Chocolate and what we can offer you.


Chris and Chris